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Inotech - French manufacturer of professional rotisseries

Inotech, brand of SOFINOR S.A.S compay, french manufacturer of professional kitchen equipment for the food industry , manufactures and market a wide range of gas and electric professional rotisseries - hot and cold displays - accessories and consumables intend for supermarkets, restaurants, caterers and mobile grocerers.

Equip to last

When you choose your equipment, even those which seems secondary, all details are important

In order to offer you professional equipment everytime more performant, INOTECH integrated from the conception a complete quality process based on 3 axes in the research.

An equipment conceived with you and for you

Inotech is your partner for the conception of your Rotisserie room.

The INOTECH equipment are conceived to valorize your products and make your work easier.

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INOTECH , trademark Sofinor SAS designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of high quality professional rotisseries, using gas or electricity.

INOTECH is also a wide range of refrigerated display furniture and heating, allowing the realization of concepts of " rotisserie - catering. All these materials are for supermarkets, restaurants, caterers and street trades.

SINCE 1968 Sofinor is a North PMI family of Fance, who has specialized in the manufacture and development of equipment for the Food Trade.

INOTECH turns 25 ! Discover why the success of our rotisseries

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Groupe Sofinor



Range of stainless steel equipments for catering professionals, bakery pastry. Professional equipment for your professional kitchen , bakery and pastry laboratory



Range of rotisseries intend for supermarkets, to restaurants, caterers , and mobile grocerers.



Range of bedpan washers desinfector for hospitals,clinics and his environment


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